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Mysteries of the Night
Egy csippetnyi blog egy nem átlagos lány tollából.
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Pedig elsőre nem is ez volt a bónuszok közül a kiszemeltem, hogy szétrázom rá a fejem.

Ladies and leeches, welcome to the game
Everyone’s invited cause everybody plays
All you’ve gotta do is sign away the things you love the most
One day they’re beating down your door, the next they’re pissing on your ghost

And while you’re building it up, I’ll be out here tearing it down

While you’re trying to come up, I’m making monsters
(I’m just a monster) Making monsters

Everyone knows it but no one does a thing
You’ve gotta get dirty to ever get clean
I’m a bona fide pirate, the best of the worst
Kicking and screaming, scorch the fucking earth!

And while you’re ripping shit up, I’m out here breaking new ground

What the hell do I know?
I’m just a monster
Making monsters!

You called me a disease, treat me like an infection

You hoped I’d fade away, that is my motivation
This isn’t bending knee, this isn’t self reflection
What did you think I’d do? This is retaliation!

[Instrumental Break]

I’m just a monster

Making monsters!

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