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Na szóval. 2016. augusztus 12. Hope Is Here. Azonnal félre is teszek a fizetésemből az előrendelésre. Ez a legjobb hétfőm, komolyan. Sátán napja? Bah, just don’t care. 

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE sign worldwide deal with SPV!

Three years after their most recent release Antiadore, Lacrimas Profundere have gone public with two important pieces of news: the goth rock act has signed with Hanover imprint Oblivion/SPV and are set to present their first concept album Hope Is Here on 12 August 2016. We can look forward to a recording that’s special in every respect. “We’ve never worked harder and better as a unit. I’m really happy because the album has turned out exactly the way we’d hoped it would; in fact even better,” guitarist and founder member Oliver Nikolas Schmid reveals when asked about the three-month-long preproduction phase at the Engine Studios. “Hope Is Here will whisk you away and take you on a journey. A journey deep into a forest, to a boy who lives there, alone, abandoned. Why is he there? What’s his name? But that’s only the beginning …”

The new album was produced by Schmid and vocalist Roberto Vitacca and mixed and mastered by Kristian ‘Kohle’ Kohlmannslehner at the Kohlekeller Studio (Powerwolf, Eskimo Callboy, Aborted, among others). The cover artwork was designed by Brazilian artist Elton Fernandes, who also created the Antiadore sleeve. Schmid: “Elton has captured the atmosphere of our songs perfectly, almost as if he’d been there when we were writing the material.”

Now the band is looking forward to their collaboration with Oblivion/SPV and want to duly celebrate the contract with their new album: “We’re extremely proud to have become a part of this fantastic family, alongside so many other amazing artists on SPV. It’s great that we have found a partner who shares our vision and in some respects is even crazier than we are.”

Gero Herrde, A&R manager at Oblivion/SPV, is also delighted with this promising signing: “SPV has worked with Lacrimas Profundere on the distribution side in the past. I’ve been following the career of this unusual band with great interest ever since. Now I’m proud to have signed them directly to SPV and am very much looking forward to our collaboration!”

És most örömtánc, mert Grétim meglepett az Árnyékokkal még pluszban! 😀 Love my life. I fuckin’ love my life *-*

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