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Mysteries of the Night
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Első évad: Grimsborough

Az első évad az amerikai Grimsborough városában játszódik, az első 56 ügyet foglalja magába. 6 kerületre oszlik, a történet pedig sorozatszerűen zajlik.

Industrial Area

1. The Death of Rosa Wolf 7. Death by Crucifixion
2. Corpse in a Garden 8. Beautiful No More
3. The Grim Butcher 9. Burned to the Bone
4. The Dockyard Killer 10. Under the Knife
5. A Russian Case 11. Into the Vipers’ Nest
6. Good Cop Dead Cop

Financial Center

12. Blood on the Trading Floor 17. The Last Supper
13. Bomb Alert on Grimsborough 18. In the Dead of Night
14. Fashion Victim 19. Innocence Lost
15. Family Blood 20. A Deadly Game
16. The Kiss of Death 21. The Secret Experiments

Historical Center

22. To Die or Not to Die 27. The Lake’s Bride
23. The Final Journey 28. The Haunting of Elm Manor
24. Anatomy of a Murder 29. No Smoke Without Fire
25. The Ghost of Grimsborough 30. The Wollcrafts’ Creature
26. The Summoning 31. Dog Eat Dog


32. Murder on Campus 37. The Reaper and the Geek
33. Killing Me Softly 38. Spring Break Massacre
34. Dead Man Running 39. Marked for Death
35. At the End of the Rope 40. An Elementary Murder
36. The Devil’s Playground 41. The Rorschach Reaper

Maple Heights

42. Blood and Glory 47. One Wedding and a Funeral
43. Troubled Waters 48. Good Girls Don’t Die
44. The Scent of Death 49. All the King’s Horses
45. A Shot of Beauty 50. Snakes on the Stage
46. Drive, Swing, Die 51. It All Ends Here


52. A Brave New World 55. Ashes to Ashes
53. Burying the Hatchet 56. There Will Be Blood
54. The Poisoned Truth