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Mysteries of the Night
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Hy darlings! \m/ ♥

Remélem, a többi is ilyen remek dal lesz, mint most a negyedik, mert én már nem bírok magammal. De nagyon nem!

I feel we are no more
I see that we have lost it all
Between all we believed
We were nothing and killed our hearts

I fought for you
You didn’t care
I sadly fell out of your world

Where do I grow from
Where do I go then
I always creep to you
It’s again, it’s again, it’s again you
What makes me fall down
What makes me rise up
I disappear in you
It’s again, it’s again, it’s again you

You won’t tell me your soul
You won’t give me your emptiness
When there’s no time to escape
From the last words that we have said

We are alone
In all our wounds
And we will silence our tears

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