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Mysteries of the Night
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Hy darlings! \m/ ♥

Gyerekek, én itt hiperventilállok erősen, majd szólok, ha alkalmas vagyok visszajönni az életbe, köszipusz helló. (ez amúgy teljesen doomgothcore, de mindegy)

I was drowning, falling on my knees
I’ve got this feeling sometimes we‘re all the same
But I begin to believe noone would ever bother
Would bother to change

You were screaming, blowing up my brain
It wasn’t clear to you that I’m not OK
But I begin to believe you would never have bothered
Have bothered to care

I‘m losing you, I‘m losing my mind
I couldn’t find a reason to hide
I‘m losing you, I‘m losing my mind
I couldn’t find a reason to hide

Time goes by
Like poisoning chains
Made of misery
This silence is my own infinity
Like my crumbled and shattered memories
So come to me
Cause I am gonna let you burn and sink
In dust and flames I‘m gonna hear
You scream I‘m loosing you my empty enemy

I was falling, bleeding out in hell
Came back to tell you wished I was not insane but I‘m afraid I was wrong, cause it Just doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter to you

All our hopes are going down the drain
But now I see that we shouldn’t give a damn
And I begin to believe that we can’t even bother
Can’t bother to care

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