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Mysteries of the Night
Egy csippetnyi blog egy nem átlagos lány tollából.
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Hy darlings! \m/ ♥

Nem fog elég hamar jönni augusztus, atyaúristen!

Come crawling, come crawling
In silence, seek and hide
Come shroud me – lay me on the ground
Just feel me, just feel me
Tied up in my arms
Slowly, as we‘re going down

I’m blessed with my sins tell you
How to shroud yourself with night

Come on and slowly let me show you the pain
And let me throw you in the flickering flames
I’m feeding off your fears
Feeding off your fears
Don’t even look at me and call me insane
I fade away now and I’m screaming your name
I’m feeding off your pain
Feeding off your pain

Come find me, come find me
Slowly unveil the night
I’m fading, I’m lost in my shroud
Still weeping, still weeping
Mourn with tears of blood
It feeds me, as I laid on the ground

Let me show you the pain
Let me show you the pain

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