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Nya gyerekek, most érzem úgy, hogy kivételesen az original nevem napja valamit jelent. Ugyanis a Nikolett név győzelmet jelent. És egyszer álmodtam egy olyat, hogy volt egy közös Lacrimas+SadDoLLs dal. Erre itt a fordítottja! Yay, köszönöm! :D

Hey people! We would like to share with you that Rob Vitacca from Lacrimas Profundere will do some vocals for our upcoming album called “Grave Party”. Rob will sing for the song “Lady Cry” which is the mighty first single!

Also, our good friend Dave Shadow, singer of (Black Deep White, This void inside, My Sixth Shadow) will do also some guest vocals for the song “You Make Me Feel Like Nothing”

Next month we’ll hit the studio to start the recordings for our upcoming release along with the “6th member” of the band called John Mcris (The Producer).

Stay tuned!


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